Sunday, October 2, 2011

A New Idea (ok, Challenge)...Starting...NOW!

I've been steadily reading through several challenges during the past nine months, and it has been hugely satisfying to track my progress and see some of the books I have wanted to read forever move over into the completed column.


As will so many things, after concentrating on such specific reading goals, I've become bogged down with some to the point that I am ready to abandon them to another year and start with a new idea.  I ran across Susan Hill's book, Howards End is on the Landing, and was instantly intrigued with her accomplishment.  I love the idea of taking a hiatus from book buying (the logistics of which will involve phenomenal restraint) and concentrate on what I have already purchased.  Each and every time I buy a book, I am absolutely convinced that it will be the very next thing I read...because it sounds so good...but inevitably it languishes on the bookshelf amongst all the other "must reads" because I have been captivated by something else completely.  It's time for a new plan.

So here begins my journey...into my own library.  It's the perfect time for it.  This is my birthday month - as good a time as any to begin with a new resolution, perhaps without the pressures of the New Year attached to it.  And having recently moved, I have completely unpacked all my books, reorganized, purged the duds, duplicates and already reads, and become reacquainted with my small collection.

I love them...all of them.  And through the course of the next twelve months, I hope I will find a few gems that I feel compelled to press into the hands of every reader I know.  I hope I will not find too many duds.  I hope I will read more than I've ever read before.  I really hope I can break up the log jam in my brain and get the reviews flowing once again. 

So...let the adventure

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  1. Sounds like a great adventure! What's the first book off the shelf?